Home Is Where I Am

montana american road trip

Somewhere in Montana, during my last American road trip in August ’16. I filmed the entire experience and am making a documentary about it.

Hello, my name is Jose, but I’m using a nom de plume that’s more international sounding…JL Bribiesca. Kind of like JM Barrie or JK Rowling or AA Milne.

And, no, I’m not British. I’m just a Mexican guy who is culturally American. Having lived 2/3 of my life in the United States, it would make me Mexican-American, except for not having been able to become a U.S. resident, much less a citizen. Despite having followed the rules of visas and work permits in the U.S. for 23 years. You can read my article about this complex issue here.

I’ve attempted to blog before, and have made a living of writing and editing in the d̶y̶i̶n̶g̶  d̷e̷c̷a̷y̷i̷n̷g̷  evolving world of newspapers. I’ve also been a university level instructor during my masters in journalism studies, when I became a documentary filmmaker:

Today I’m working on a film about my last two weeks in the United States. This means I just moved back to the Mexican homeland.

The transition has been difficult, but also rewarding. I’m now working in digital marketing and digital media, continuing to educate myself in this rapidly changing world.

In this blog, you’re going to find topics I hope are interesting, relevant and educational to you. Because I’ve been traveling so much the last four months (the greatest reward of my transition), this might turn into a travel blog, as I’m trying to define where home is. Stay tuned.



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  1. […] Posted on February 13, 2017February 13, 2017 by jlbribiesca The overpopulation in Mexico City is readily seen in its downtown area. This is actually a tolerable crowd. Clip from my film “Home Is Where I Am“. […]


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