In defense of 2016…

Sunset over my office in Cancun, on the final Friday of 2016.

As the final minutes of 2016 are upon us, I’ve decided to be rude to my New Year’s party and squeeze out one post on my phone.

I’ve been hearing a lot of complaining about how horrible 2016 has been. Unfortunately, the complaints are mostly about celebrity deaths. But on a more personal level, I’ve yet to meet one person who says they’ve not experienced a serious hardship during the year.

Same goes for me. And it stemmed mainly from my decision to transition out of a comfort zone in Arkansas to wherever God puts me. Changes are hard, but necessary to push you toward a better direction when your life and career has been stagnant.

This 2016, I’ve listened and learned from many entrepreneurs, such as James Altucher, about what aided their successes. One idea is to write 10 ideas every day, and I’ve been doing it all December.

My last “idea list” of the year was to list the 10 reasons why 2016 was, despite its intensity, an undeniably amazing experience for me.

Here is the list:

And thank you, 2016.


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