🌊🏄🏾 Cancun FlowRider Takes Over My Work Life, And I Love It!


Master instructors test out the AquaWorld Cancun FlowRider Friday, Jan. 6, 2017. The ride opened to the public this week. (Photo by JL Bribiesca).

To live in Cancun means you have to fall in love with the ocean and water activities, if you didn’t already love them.
Me, I have a connection with the sea, but because I haven’t lived near a beach, it’s taking a while to get acclimated to the locals’ passion for aquatic activities in the area.
Working at AquaWorld has given me reason to look into immersing myself into worlds like diving, sailing, deep sea fishing, and now, FlowRider.
This week, the FlowRider debuted at AquaWorld Cancun and it’s been met with an overwhelmingly positive response.
As content manager, my life has revolved around publicizing the FlowRider, taking photos and writing to promote this awesome activity.
And I’ve loved every moment around this ride.
Not because I tried it and now can surf like a master — I haven’t and I can’t — but because of how it’s impacted me personally and professionally.
There’s something aesthetically calming about it…the waves, the people flowing on their surfboards, the palm trees blowing in the cooler January Caribbean breeze, and the Nichupté Lagoon in the backdrop.
And I get sweet photos like this one:


The sun sets over the brand new FlowRider attraction Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017, at AquaWorld’s marina. (Photo by JL Bribiesca).

Plus…I get to Tweet like this:

Our brand gets noticed like this:

My press release goes viral:


And I write “kick-ass” like a boss:


Bless you, Cancun FlowRider.


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