The Pitfalls of Being a Bilingual Freelance Copywriter


Russian hacker type, angry because it’s inhuman to ask for payment for freelance content marketing.

The sharing economy has been a staple of life in the 2010s’ global village.
It has opened the possibilities of generating extra income and to become “your own boss” by taking on gigs here and there to make a living.
In Cancun, most everyone I’ve met has some sort of sharing economy or freelance gig.
The computer programmers residing here, though, seem to have full time jobs where their bosses are not forcing them to be stuck in an office.
Let’s face it, Cancun is expensive, so those programmers making dollars or euros remotely are the ones thriving in this Caribbean paradise.
After 3 months of working long days and still having difficulties paying for everything the family needs, I’ve added freelance copywriting duties to my plate.
Thus far, has provided me some great work experience and much needed pecuniary help.
I’ve been referred and recommended as an English-Spanish translator to Cancun-area businesses, and have looked to other places for extra work.
Well, as Freddie Mercury sang, “it’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise.”

The Spanish-English copywriter in Cancun and the mysterious, possible hacker in Russia

Already got contacted by a couple people with sketchy/non-existent profiles and very strange demands.
But the latest one takes the cake.
His e-mail address has an .ru domain, so he’s somewhere in Russia.
He started out saying “Thanks for the proposal, Pls write 1700 words on  Calories Per Day: The Daily Recommend Int”.
I searched for this “Optical Fiber” person and tried to find out more about him, like I’ve done my other clients and prospects, but there’s not a trace of this person existing online.
Still, I decided to have some fun with him.


Because you need a whole Word document to schedule your preferred form of payment…


Of course I need to be paid by PayPal, not Pay Pall


Simple math shouldn’t be that difficult

bilingual-spanish-english-content-marketing-cancun-3 bilingual-spanish-english-content-marketing-cancun-4

Lots to worry about at this point


A hacker with Skype problems?


Fake website, btw

bilingual-spanish-english-content-marketing-cancun-7 bilingual-spanish-english-content-marketing-cancun-8

And they complain about not paying rookie journalists


Here comes the testy part…


At this point, he should get the point…

But he doesn’t. No, I’m not interested, I’m apparently too inhuman.
Though, he still thinks I’m working for him for free…
And the gall on this guy! He changes my topic while I’m supposed to be slaving away on the 1600th word of the first article.

Really? What’s the status??

Still waiting for that PayPal.
Or at least Pay Pall. In rubles.
Or tickets to see Russia vs. Mexico in Confederations Cup this year.
We’ll just have our teams duke it out on the field.
Come on, hacker, you supposedly stole a whole election, surely you can cough up some dough or tickets for this former journalist.


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